About Us


The most important step to foster a culture is to firstly preserve it and then, to try to make it available through different means. Undoubtedly Hussaini school of thought and culture is the richest Shia heritage and alas there exists no center all over the world for the researchers, missioners or the public to refer to and study and do research in this field.

This necessity made ZEITOON institute found the very first special library of Imam Hussain. The most thorough library in Hussaini studies started its work in 2017 and since 2020 some parts of its sources including documents, codex, books, articles, and thesis and multimedia files have been available to the world.

Features and Merits

Easy access of the researchers, missioners and the public to Hussaini sources in any format and language is the most important distinction between this library and the other complexes that have worked in this area. To name a few other features of the special library of Imam Hussain that differentiates it from the other centers, the following items can be mentioned:

  • Thoroughness and completeness
  • Being multilingual
  • Easy access through cyberspace
  • Multimedia sources
  • Profiting from unique sources, documents and issues

Our goal

Creating a day in which the written and multimedia Hussaini heritage is accessible to the world in different languages is undoubtedly what we are constantly endeavoring to achieve.